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Three Companies Twitter Should Buy, According to Chris Sacca

Twitter has $3.6 billion in cash on hand, so a purchase isn't out of the question.

Asa Mathat for Re/code

Investor Chris Sacca shared his thoughts about Twitter — and there were many thoughts — in an 8,000-word blog post Wednesday that included recommendations on how the struggling company can improve its product and business.

Among his many suggestions: Buying or partnering with startups — some of which are within his own investment portfolio.

In total, Sacca hinted at three possible acquisitions — two of which are his own portfolio companies — and a handful of other partnerships with companies like Medium or WordPress, in which Sacca also has a stake.

Sacca isn’t a Twitter employee or board member, so theoretically he can’t decide where to spend the company’s money. But it’s clear he has people’s attention, and Twitter has $3.6 billion in cash on hand to make some purchases. So what does Sacca want Twitter to buy?

  • Nuzzel is a content curator that tells people what stories their friends are reading online. Sacca feels that Twitter could use the app to help people sift through the massive volume of tweets on the service to find things they actually care about. As he put it: “If Twitter acquired Nuzzel, it could become Twitter News tomorrow. The day’s most important news as determined by who we each follow? Obvious and easy to use.” Sacca is also a Nuzzel investor, so there may be another reason he’s interested in seeing the two companies join forces.
  • Rex is another Sacca investment. He wants Twitter to buy Rex so it can build a “save button” for your Twitter timeline. You don’t always have time to read links as they come through your feed, and there’s no easy way to save them for later in the current product. So he wants Twitter to buy Rex to build that out. Seems like something Twitter could build with its existing engineers if needed, but also an opportunity for Sacca to plug an investment that’s still in beta.
  • Sacca also suggested Twitter buy OneShot, an app that lets you highlight text from an article on the Web and tweet it out as a photo. It’s an example of a product built on top of Twitter from an outside developer to help improve the experience. Twitter has acquired some of these in the past, like Tweetdeck, and shut others down. Sacca thinks this one should be infused into the service.

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