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Redpoint Hires Former Uber Head of Product for Entrepreneur in Residence Role

She's advising valet app Luxe, deep-linking service Button and used car marketplace Beepi.


Uber’s former head of product Mina Radhakrishnan is headed to startup investment firm Redpoint as the new entrepreneur in residence. She’ll be advising entrepreneurs in the firm’s portfolio of companies, specifically focusing on the convenience economy. She has already started working with on-demand valet parking app Luxe, deep-linking service Button and used car marketplace Beepi.

Radhakrishnan was the first product manager hired at Uber and as the company grew she ran its product team for three years, helping take it from a 20-person team to its international size. She oversaw everything from the introduction of surge pricing to onboarding tools for new drivers to the expansion of different car services besides the original UberBlack.

Eight months before her departure, Uber hired former Groupon VP Jeff Holden as its first chief product officer. Radhakrishnan told Re/code that the pace at Uber was “intense” and she took time out to travel and unwind before starting at Redpoint.

Prior to Uber, Radhakrishnan worked as a product manager at the fashion startup ModCloth and at Google.

Radhakrishnan may not stay at Redpoint in the long term. Like many entrepreneurs in residence, she’s considering whether to start her own company — perhaps a product consultancy firm — and incubate it within Redpoint.

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