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Here's the Video of My Uber-Forced March to a French Airport

So Kara went to France and all you got was this dumb Periscope.

Shervin Pishevar

On Friday, like a lot of other travelers, I was caught up in the Uber versus France controversy over the San Francisco ride-sharing company’s UberPop service.

As I wrote:

Close to 3,000 taxi drivers across the country are protesting Uber’s UberPop service — which is the equivalent of its UberX offering in the U.S., manned by non-professional and non-licensed drivers. While it has been banned by the government here and in other countries, the service is still available on the app until it is ordered by courts not to be. But it’s still seeing brisk business despite fines, which are being paid by Uber.

The reason is basic: UberPop prices are dramatically lower than those charged by taxis.

If you think the growth of Uber can be controversial in the U.S., it takes on a whole new meaning in France, which conducts its protests very seriously, even to the point of sometimes disturbing violence. While there was a definite level of ire directed at Uber in the U.S., the protests here are decidedly more visceral.

Indeed, which is why I Periscoped — is that a verb even? — my forced march to the Nice Airport, due to the entire facility being blocked by protesting drivers. Thus, I had to drag my bag for miles in summer heat to reach the terminal.

Enjoy — I know I did not:

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