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The People Behind Tech Unicorns: Slack, Houzz and Stripe CEOs Share Their Personal Stories (Full Video)

Navigating crazy growth and hype with Stewart Butterfield, Adi Tatarko and Patrick Collison.

Asa Mathat

For the last session of this year’s Code conference, we had a rare panel with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, Houzz CEO Adi Tatarko and Stripe CEO Patrick Collison.

In an industry full of arrogance, sharp elbows and embarrassing fratty college-era emails, the heads of three of the most promising technology startups — at least according to their multi-billion-dollar valuations — are unusually thoughtful and serious about what they are building.

The three told personal stories about overcoming early challenges, working on their companies with family members and close friends, pressure to grow and fulfill their valuations and dealing with hype and froth.

Watch the full video here:

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