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Confederate Flag Critics Raise $20,000 for Bree Newsome in Three Hours

That was fast.

Credo Action

Bree Newsome, a North Carolina woman arrested today for tearing down the Confederate battle flag in front of South Carolina’s state capitol, has some allies with open wallets online.

A crowdfunding campaign for Newsome’s bail, set up by the activist group Credo, met its $20,000 goal in three hours today. Less than 10 minutes later, it was up to $25,000.

Credo says it will cover the credit card and processing fees from Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform. At the time of this writing, more than 1,000 people have donated to the campaign.

Newsome was protesting the maintenance of the Confederate flag on government grounds after the racially-motivated shootings of ten people at a church in Charleston, S.C., earlier this month. Nine of those people, including state senator Clementa Pinckney, were killed.

Several politicians and other political figures, including South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, have called for the flag’s removal since the attack. The state legislature is set to vote on the matter next month.

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