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Before it was legal: Beautiful vintage same-sex marriage photos

Libby Nelson is Vox's policy editor, leading coverage of how government action and inaction shape American life. Libby has more than a decade of policy journalism experience, including at Inside Higher Ed and Politico. She joined Vox in 2014.

To honor the Supreme Court's decision to make same-sex marriage legal for all Americans, novelist Rabih Alameddine, the author of An Unnecessary Woman, tweeted some amazing historical images of same-sex couples throughout history:

The photos are from Les Invisibles, a book and documentary from French filmmaker Sébastien Lifshitz. The documentary focuses on 11 LGBTQ people, all middle-aged and older, in France; the book is a collection of photography of same-sex attraction throughout the 20th century. You can see more of them here, and in all of Alameddine's tweets.

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