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Amy Schumer nails why privilege isn't the same thing as respect for women

Comedy Central

Comedian Amy Schumer's reflection on the unexpected consequences of privilege is a great reminder of how women were historically mistreated, no matter how high on the social ladder they lived.

Schumer plays a lowly peasant who is suddenly turned into a princess by a member of the royal court, played by fashion guru Tim Gunn:

Gunn enters the home where Schumer, with dirt on her face, is told the seemingly good news:

She initially welcomes the news, presumably as a reference to the fact that marriage was much more popular, and mandated for many royal families throughout world history:

But privilege isn't the same thing as respect, as Amy discovers when she is told she is going to meet a prince to marry him.

The prince (played by Amy) is actually her cousin, which disgusts her:

Princess Amy doesn't realize that the people around her have no intention of respecting her wishes, though:

What saves her life at the end? Watch the full video to find out. Here's a hint: It's not gender equality.