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Donald Trump to Univision: Get off my lawn

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Update: On June 29, NBC ended its contract with Donald Trump, while Univision denied any claims it apologized to Trump for any matters. On the following day, Trump published a letter summarizing a $500 million lawsuit against Univision. On July 1, Macy's announced its discontinuation of Trump's menswear line from its stores.

Donald Trump just wrote a hilariously inappropriate letter to the CEO of Univision, Randy Falco, instructing him to personally ensure no Univision employees golf on a course owned by Trump in Florida:

The letter comes days after Univision dropped the Trump-owned Miss America pageant from the air, because of disparaging statements Trump made about Mexicans.

The primary section of the letter is written in a more procedural tone — it's the postscript where Donald's bombast shines. The Republican presidential candidate asks Falco to congratulate "Mexican Government officials" before stating his plans to establish a "meaningful border." Trump also states that jobs that have been lost in the United States will be brought back, which could be a problem for him if he ever becomes president: Companies usually establish themselves by free market choice, not by government mandate.

Trump's comments about Mexican reach far and wide

One Mexican artist created a life-size piñata to symbolize negative reactions to Trump's statements about Mexican migration. Reuters interviewed the piñata's creator, Dalton Ramirez, who said it was the one "everyone wants to break."

On Saturday, as smoke billowed from an unrelated fire at the Trump Tower in New York, Trump tweeted that US officials should "be brutal" in the face of "unfair" trade deals, specifically with Mexico:

Hispanic advocacy groups called for NBC to end ties with Trump, CNN's Brian Stelter reported, adding that NBC is "reviewing its contracts" with the candidate.

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