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Apple Watch Continues Its Global Rollout

The Apple Watch will be available in the Netherlands, Sweden and Thailand on July 17.

Apple Inc.

The Apple Watch continues its global rollout, reaching seven more countries around the world.

Shoppers in Seoul broke out the umbrellas and stood in a soggy line outside fashion retailer Boon the Shop to become the first in South Korea to buy the new watch. The device also became available online, in Apple Stores and at other authorized retailers in Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.

The Apple Watch is now being sold in 16 countries, including Australia, China and the U.K., and will reach the Netherlands, Sweden and Thailand on July 17.

But no word yet on sales, other than upbeat remarks from Apple executives.

“The response to Apple Watch has surpassed our expectations in every way, and we are thrilled to bring it to more customers around the world,” Apples operations executive Jeff Williams said in a statement.

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