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Tech Companies Find a Rainbow of Ways to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

As one friend put it, their Facebook feed looks like a unicorn throwing up rainbows.


Silicon Valley companies have long been leaders in the fight for LGBT rights, so it is little surprise that they were quick to celebrate Friday’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

But what was noteworthy were all the clever ways they found to do so.

Uber changed its app so that its cars left a rainbow trail on the map. Facebook offered users a way to add a rainbow flag over their existing profile pic. Twitter added a rainbow heart icon when using the hashtag LoveWins.

Google celebrated in a number of ways, including an animated gif of the Android mascot waving a rainbow flag and a surprise that shows up when searching for LGBT-related terms such as “marriage equality.”

Brands from AT&T to Vimeo changed their logos to rainbow colors while executives from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook were quick to praise the ruling.

Even Hobby Lobby got in on the act, offering 50 percent off home accents. (Wait, I’m being told that was unrelated.)

Screenshot by Re/code

Techies were also well represented at a White House reception Wednesday, where President Obama highlighted recent accomplishments, while noting the importance of the then-pending Supreme Court decision.

Cynics will point out here that brands were also being quick to capitalize on the ruling in an attempt to create affinity. And they have a point, but who wants to be cynical on a day like this?

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