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You Can Now Embed Your Meerkat Livestream Online

Meerkat offers a differentiator from rival Periscope.

Kurt Wagner

Meerkat, the livestreaming video app that caught everyone’s attention at South By Southwest earlier this year, now lets users embed their livestreams directly onto their own websites.

Users could already watch streams online, even though they have to be filmed with a smartphone. But the embed option may provide publishers with a little more incentive to stream more often — or use Meerkat over Twitter’s rival service Periscope, which doesn’t have an embed option.

Essentially, it allows video publishers to keep traffic on their own websites instead of sending people to A publisher can direct viewers to his or her own page to watch a feed and could also, theoretically, try and sell ad space around the video player.

Meerkat is partnering with Discovery to launch the embeddable player, which will use it to show off content during Shark Week beginning next weekend. The embed option is publicly available.


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