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Taylor Swift Says '1989' Will Be on Apple Music, After All

There you go.

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Not unexpected. But now it’s official: Taylor Swift will put “1989,” her newish album, on Apple Music when it launches next week.

Swift made her announcement via Twitter, which makes sense, since Apple used Twitter to announce that it was changing its Apple Music revenue-sharing plan after she complained (on Tumblr).

Swift made her announcement a day after indie music labels that had the same issue with Apple’s revenue sharing plan — it wasn’t going to pay music owners for streams generated during a three-month trial period — also signed on to Apple Music, which launches on Tuesday.

As the New York Times reported yesterday, Apple now plans on paying the people who own the rights to the recordings on Apple Music $0.002 per stream during the trial period. Billboard says publishers, who own the underlying composition to the songs, are expecting they’ll get $0.00047 per stream.

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