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Bedbugs have joined the United Nations, again

A bedbug joins the United Nations.
A bedbug joins the United Nations.

The newest delegation to the United Nations is very small.

It's not the first time the annoying creatures have visited the organization's headquarters, as Inner City Press reported. They had their most recent hurrah in 2010. It makes sense that bedbugs would seek self-representation on an international stage. As Brad Plumer wrote in April, we just have to get used to them:

Since 2000, a new strain of pesticide-resistant bedbugs has been popping up all around the nation — in 2009, there were 10,000 reported complaints in New York City alone. Apartment dwellers were waking up with mysterious bites and rashes on their skin and finding peppery flakes around their mattresses (bedbug poop). People couldn’t rid themselves of bedbugs, no matter how often they did laundry or threw out their mattresses. Once the bugs invaded, it seemed, almost nothing could stop them.

Welcome, small friends! We hate you.

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