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The best states for working dads, mapped

A new WalletHub study says Minnesota is truly the best when it comes to taking care of working dads.

Source: WalletHub

Ninety-three percent of dads with children younger than 18 worked in 2014, according to WalletHub. They analyzed employment, work-life balance, health and child care, travel to work, and education, among other metrics. In the working mothers study, Minnesota came in second to Vermont (which is fourth for working dads).

In case you're not a working parent, there are yet other reasons to consider the state. Matt Yglesias recommended everyone should move to Minnesota because it's simply affordable:

Few people wake up on an unseasonably cold morning and say to themselves, "I wish I lived in Minneapolis." But if you're young and looking to get ahead in the world, you should probably move to Minneapolis.

The five highest-income large metropolitan areas in the United States are San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Greater New York, the DC-Baltimore area, the Twin Cities area, and Greater Boston (Anchorage is also way up there, but tiny and I'm not entirely convinced Alaska is real).

Four of those five metro areas have something in common — they are very expensive places to live. The Twin Cities are the exception. The $54,304 median household income in Minneapolis carries more purchasing power than the $59,799 median household income in New York.

There is clearly more to how well-off you are than where you live, and your income and wealth sets the tone for some, if not most, of the challenges working parents face. But as long as you're working to save money, it's good to know where your dollar reaches the farthest.