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See Kara's Flight Under the Golden Gate Bridge -- Captured With GoPro's New VR Camera

The footage was captured with GoPro's forthcoming Six-Camera Spherical Array.

A few days before Code Conference commenced, GoPro invited our co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher to join them on a helicopter trip around San Francisco, including a dip under the Golden Gate Bridge.

They brought along the company’s forthcoming virtual reality camera system, known as the Six-Camera Spherical Array, to capture the experience in full 360 degrees.


As Re/code’s Bonnie Cha explained when the product was announced at the conference last week:

The ball-shaped accessory mount can accommodate six Hero4 cameras positioned in different directions to capture high-resolution images and video for virtual reality. The recorded video and pictures can then be stitched together using Kolor, the virtual reality software company GoPro acquired in April, to create one unified 6K spherical image.

The resulting video can be viewed on VR headsets like Oculus, Google Cardboard and Microsoft HoloLens. It can also be viewed on your smartphone or PC using the Kolor app or YouTube 360. If viewing on a mobile device, you can physically turn around to look in any direction — up, down, left, right. On your computer’s browser, you can use your cursor to get different views.

You can check out a 2-D version of Kara’s flight in the video above or a 360-degree version below via Kolor, the virtual reality software company GoPro recently acquired:

To view the VR version on your smartphone or headset, download the free Kolor app and tap the cellphone icon at the bottom.

You can also see a 360-degree version in the YouTube 360 video below if you’re using the Chrome browser:

Update: This post was updated to clarify the description of the video options.

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