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Apple Watch (Finally) Reaches Its Own Retail Stores

Plus, they're making progress with their order backlog. Silver lining: Without the Watch, you can't see how long it's taking.


The Apple Watch is finally available for purchase in the company’s retail stores, roughly two months after the product’s official debut.

Apple Stores in the United States and eight other major world markets began selling certain models of the Apple Watch today, an indication that the company’s manufacturing capacity has caught up with demand.

“We’re also making great progress with the backlog of Apple Watch orders, and we thank our customers for their patience,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of operations, said in a statement announcing the watch’s retail availability.

Up until this point, only a handful of luxury boutiques sold the Apple Watch from within their well-appointed retail establishments. Most consumers ordered through Apple’s online store and waited weeks for delivery.

Now, consumers can go online to see the various combinations of Apple Watch faces and bands and reserve one to try on at the nearest store. No purchase is required.

In case you were wondering: Apple has not yet disclosed sales of its first major product introduction since the Apple iPad. Time, apparently, will tell.

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