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RockYou Acquires Six Games From Android-First Studio Kiwi

Android-first mobile gaming company Kiwi has transferred six of its existing games and one in-development title to RockYou for an undisclosed sum, the companies confirmed today after a Re/code inquiry. As it has previously with titles acquired from Kabam and others, RockYou will maintain the games for their existing users and serve those users ads from its gaming network. RockYou CEO Lisa Marino said the six games — Westbound: Pioneer Adventure, Westbound: Gold Rush, Explorers: Skull Island, Brightwood Adventures, Shipwrecked: Lost Island and Shipwrecked: Volcano Island — had “solid and stable user bases” and were cash-flow positive. RockYou plans to launch the unreleased title, Shipwrecked: New World, “in a few weeks.”

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