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Robert Gibbs took a job at McDonald’s. Here are the other Obama officials who cashed out.

McDonald's recently announced it has hired a new spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, President Obama's first press secretary and a trusted senior adviser to his campaign.

Gibbs, who left the Obama administration in 2012, will be head of global communications at the fast-food giant — a surprise move, considering Gibbs's deep background in Democratic politics, not selling burgers.

But Gibbs is not the first official to leave this administration for an in-house corporate job. Former aides have found that working for Obama, arguably the biggest brand of the past decade, is a huge résumé boost that corporate giants — from industry titans to tech startups — want to snap up.

While the White House has tried to crack down on the revolving door between private and public sector jobs, many former officials continue to take other routes long traveled by White House aides and staff — like going off to lobby, work on other campaigns, or join a consulting firm. That said, the list of former Obamans who've gone corporate make a club big enough to be called Obama Inc.

Here's a rundown of some of Obama's inner circle and the big-name brands at which they've ended up:

obama inc