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CEO of AT&T, Chernin's Web Video Joint Venture Leaves

Wasn't the right fit.

aliisik / Shutterstock

The CEO of Otter Media, the Web video joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group, is leaving after less than a year on the job.

Virasb Vahidi, who became the JV’s first CEO last fall, is headed out; a company rep says there are no immediate plans to replace him.

Vahidi is a former AT&T executive who had most recently been at American Airlines before joining Otter Media. In a letter to employees, he said that since last fall “it has become clear to [Chernin Group CEO Peter Chernin] and me that the role of the CEO is different than we had originally envisioned.”

AT&T and Chernin assembled Otter Media last year. It is backed by at least $500 million from AT&T, and for now is composed of Fullscreen, a large video network, and a group of subscription video services including Crunchyroll, a Japanese animation network. Fullscreen founder George Strompolos runs his network, and the former YouTube executive Tom Pickett runs the subscription group at Otter.

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