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Ford's New Sync 3 Entertainment System Arriving on Fiesta, Escape This Summer

However, CarPlay and Android Auto will have to wait for a future software update.

Steve Petrovich/Ford

Ford is announcing Tuesday that the 2016 Fiesta and Escape models — both due this summer — will be the first models to come with the company’s redesigned Sync 3 entertainment system.

The Sync 3 offers one-button access to Apple’s Siri, but not full CarPlay or Android Auto — at least when the Fiesta and Escape start rolling off dealers’ lots. However, Ford said support for both features will come to all Sync 3-equipped vehicles via a software upgrade.

Both CarPlay and Android Auto have taken longer to arrive in new car models than originally contemplated when the rival services were announced last year. GM CEO Mary Barra said at last week’s Code Conference that her company will support Android Auto and CarPlay across its Chevy line during the course of this year.

For Ford, Sync 3 represents a change in engines, if not outward appearances. The new system is based on BlackBerry’s QNX operating system, while prior versions were powered by Microsoft. Ford plans to expand Sync 3 across its North American car lineup by the end of next year. Other Sync 3 features include an improved touchscreen and support for Wi-Fi software updates.

CEO Mark Fields has said he is keen for the company to support Android Auto and CarPlay as secondary interfaces, but told Re/code that he has no intention of handing over the keys to Apple or Google.

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