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Former CEO of Trulia Steps Down at Zillow Four Months After Acquisition

He's joining the board in an advisory role.


Trulia co-founder and long-time CEO Pete Flint stepped down from the company today. He’ll be joining the board of Zillow, the real estate listing site that acquired Trulia for $2.5 billion in February.

“It’s been ten years literally to the day since we incorporated the company,” Flint told Re/code. “The ten-year mark is a good time to reassess whether you’re the right person for this role and if the role is right for you.”

Flint’s departure was planned during the acquisition, but Flint told Re/code it was a personal choice and not part of the terms of the deal. He’ll be using the newfound free time to travel with his young family, advise entrepreneurs and invest in technology companies before figuring out what he wants to commit to next. He says he’ll be giving the real estate industry a “wide berth” so as to focus on advising Zillow (also because he signed a non-compete clause).

As announced after the acquisition, Trulia’s former COO Paul Levine will take over day to day operations of the company.

Zillow laid off 350 Trulia employees after it bought the company. The Trulia unit continued as an independent service under its own branding, much like Zillow’s other acquisitions, HotPads and StreetEasy. The Trulia purchase established Zillow as the dominant online real estate listing company, although its stock price declined in the aftermath as Zillow worked to integrate Trulia into the company.

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