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The Code/Enterprise Series Is Coming to New York: Hear From Marty Chavez, Todd McKinnon and More

Our second enterprise-focused event is coming soon.

If you like reading the enterprise-focused coverage we produce here every day at Re/code, then you’ll want to know about an event we have coming up in New York later this year.

On Sept. 29, we’ll be bringing our second Code/Enterprise Series event to the Big Apple. And as with our first event, we’ll be interviewing a new batch of some of the industry’s key players.

Marty Chavez is the chief information officer of Goldman Sachs, which means he’s in charge of technology in all its forms at the $35 billion (2014 revenue) financial giant. He is, at heart, a computer scientist, with a masters in that field from Harvard as well as a PhD in medical information sciences from Stanford. He has been a partner at Goldman since 2006 and sits on its executive committee. He started at Goldman in 1993 in its currency and commodities division, but left in 1997 for a stint at Credit Suisse, founded and sold a startup company, then retired to a beach house on New York’s Fire Island. Or so he thought.

In 2005, as Fortune reported, Goldman’s now-president Gary Cohn called and told Chavez he’d be coming back to Goldman in its powerful “strats” group. Cohn wasn’t asking, he was informing. Chavez was dubious at first, and took the job only after thinking it over at a monastery in New Mexico. He made CIO in 2013 after a software glitch caused tens of millions worth of losses in erroneous trades. He has spearheaded Goldman’s leadership of a consortium of investment banks that has invested in Symphony, a secure messaging startup that aims, among other things, to challenge the dominance of Bloomberg’s messaging terminals on the world’s financial trading desks.

Todd McKinnon is the founder and CEO of Okta, a cloud software company manages identities. More than 2,000 companies use it to give their employees access to thousands of different cloud-based business applications. That gives Okta some pretty solid visibility into what’s really going on with the adoption of cloud applications across the spectrum of different industries.

Venture Capital investors have backed Okta to the tune of about $155 million, and there’s a pretty good chance it will be headed for an IPO before too long. Okta’s customers include Chiquita Brands, LinkedIn, MGM Resorts, Western Union and software giant SAP. Before Okta, McKinnon headed up engineering at and grew that team from 15 to 250. Before that he spent a decade at PeopleSoft.

Registration is open, and you can find all the information you need here. We hope to see you there.

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