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BlackBerry, T-Mobile Kiss and Make Up

T-Mobile will start carrying the BlackBerry Classic in stores in the middle of this month.

Asa Mathat

After a rather public break-up, T-Mobile and BlackBerry are once again all lovey-dovey.

In an adjective-filled press release on Thursday, T-Mobile said it would start carrying the BlackBerry Classic in stores later this month.

That’s in contrast to late 2013, when T-Mobile stopped carrying inventory of BlackBerry devices in its stores, requiring customers who wanted a BlackBerry to have it shipped to them from the carrier’s warehouses.

“The two major carriers and us, our relationships are getting better by the day,” Chen said in February 2014.

Then T-Mobile further angered BlackBerry by offering a promotion that gave its customers incentives to upgrade from a BlackBerry to an iPhone or other device.

When pushed by BlackBerry on the point, T-Mobile called BlackBerry’s bluff and extended the promotion to cover a new BlackBerry, even offering an extra $50 for those who stuck with the Canadian handset maker. Few did.

In the final straw, BlackBerry said in April 2014 that it was ending its agreement to sell through T-Mobile.

But it’s apparently all water under the bridge as Thursday’s press release includes happy quotes from both Chen and T-Mobile CEO John Legere with no mention of the past animosity.

“BlackBerry is proud to partner with T-Mobile once again to offer the world’s most secure and reliable mobile products and services that encourage productivity,” Chen said in the release, while Legere is quoted as saying that “people who love BlackBerry smartphones and want to use one on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network now have that choice.”

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