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AOL's Tim Armstrong Likes Periscope for Company Meetings and Says Content Will Matter More as Competition Rises (Video)

High-quality content will matter more and advertising will get more expensive.

Remember when AOL CEO Tim Armstrong publicly fired an employee for taking a picture during a company conference call?

Armstrong does, but he’s not too concerned about any further incidents since he just Periscoped his latest company meeting, as he told Re/code’s Kara Swisher at the cable industry’s annual trade show, now called INTX, the Internet and Television Expo, today. He expounded on the benefits of using his cellphone to broadcast the conference instead of using multiple computers and the resources of his IT department.

He also discussed the need for Internet and TV companies to work together, the growing competition for better content and how the tech and media worlds are likely to consolidate down to seven companies in the near term.

Re/code is conducting some of the interviews at the show this year as part of a partnership with the NCTA.

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