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Giraffes shouldn't have to die for high school yearbooks

Guilderland High School of Albany, New York, accepted funds to allow the parents of a student to feature a picture of their son holding up the head of a giraffe killed in a hunt in the school's yearbook:

Guilderland High School yearbook, 2015.

Times Union

The high school also allowed the parents also submit this nonsense poem with the picture:

The caption of the photo reveals the terrible poem submitted by the pro–giraffe killing parents.

Times Union

The parents are proud of their son, and, to be clear, neither this photo shoot nor the submission of the photo is his fault; Guilderland probably needs the money for legitimate expenses. Is it worth offending its own community, though? The Times-Union shared stories from upset students, as well as this comment from the school's superintendent:

"I do understand that there are some folks that are offended," said School Superintendent Marie Wiles. "It's our regret that people are offended by this. In the future, we will take a little bit closer view of how we review that section of the yearbook."

Giraffes are threatened by extinction.

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