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This woman hates Entourage so much, people are raising $10,000 to make her see it

Alex Abad-Santos is a senior correspondent who explains what society obsesses over, from Marvel and movies to fitness and skin care. He came to Vox in 2014. Prior to that, he worked at the Atlantic.

The two things Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux Drake hates most are pediatric cancer and the television show Entourage. Both are terrible, incurable, and unexplained plights in this world. But only one of those causes is worth spending $10,000 on. Or is it?

On Tuesday, Drake proposed a challenge: if the public raised $10,000, she would come face to face with terror — she would go see Entourage the movie. She would then give the $10,000 raised to CureSearch, a nonprofit organization that aims to eliminate children's cancer.

"I will not use the money even for my own ticket to see the worst movie of the year and possibly our lifetime," Drake wrote on her GoFundMe fundraising page. "I hope you don't give any money, honestly, because of how much I hate Entourage."

This seems like the premise of one of those morbid Scandinavian fairy tales where mermaids are asked to endure torture and kill the ones they love or turn into sea foam. Or that first episode of Black Mirror, but much more insidious.

It isn't clear whether the public hates Entourage and/or wants to cure pediatric cancer as much as Drake, but since she set up the fundraising on Tuesday more than $5,900 has been raised.

If you would like to cure cancer or put a woman through the agony of watching the Entourage movie, head on over to Drake's GoFundMe page to donate.

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