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Announcing embeddable card stacks

When we launched, we launched it with a signature new editorial product — the card stack.

The card stacks were an attempt to solve a problem we believe bedevils the news: we're good at telling readers what just happened, but we're not always so good at giving them the crucial background information that led to the latest development. We don't always put the latest story in its proper context.

The goal of the card stacks was to create a library of continually updated guides to the big, ongoing stories in the news — that way, readers would always have access to the contextual information needed to understand the latest stories.

As they have existed for the past 12 months, the card stacks have been a very useful addition to our site, appearing at the bottom of articles or as a hyperlink on highlighted words in an article. But we've known that the vast majority of the situations in which readers might want contextual information might not involve reading an article on And so we don't want our card stacks limited to, either.

That's why we're so excited to announce that starting today our cards are going to embeddable not just inside our articles but on any page of any website that wants to use them.

We're dedicated to explaining the news, and with this product we hope to contribute to that mission even for audiences that aren't on our platform. We hope other sites will find this to be a convenient, affordable (free!), and useful way to add additional context to their pages, and that audiences will find this to be an easier way into our content than the traditional hyperlink.

That's why we're so excited to partner with the McClatchy Company today to work with them on innovative storytelling formats for local readers. Our embeddable card stacks will be our first test run with the team at McClatchy.

McClatchy's 29 local news sites, such as The Island Packet in Hilton Head, South Carolina, or the Sacramento Bee in California, employ incredibly hardworking journalists who have more than enough local news to report and never enough time to contextualize it all. To offer their audience more information on the national and international topics they cover, McClatchy will be distributing card stacks on some major national news stories (see an example here). We're very excited to help McClatchy in their mission to serve communities across the US and around the world.

Click through one of our most popular card stacks below, and play around with the embed feature for yourself:

The embeds are easy to use and fully responsive, so they should look great on all kinds of sites and all kinds of devices. But don't take our word for it — explore our full range of card stacks at

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