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Google Announces Brillo, an Operating System for the Internet of Things

Meet the Android for the Internet of Things. On Thursday at Google’s I/O developer conference, SVP Sundar Pichai announced Brillo, a new operating system for connected devices created by Android and Nest Labs.

Pichai noted the litany of devices soon to be plugged into the Internet — parking meters, airport kiosks, farm equipment. Google wants to make sure it is the backbone of this future. It is also introducing Weave, a software tool for the devices to communicate with one another. “For the first time,” Pichai said, “we are bringing a comprehensive end-to-end solution. And we hope we can connect devices in a seamless way.” Pichai didn’t, however, name any of the devices in Nest’s portfolio. Brillo will land by the third quarter of the year and Weave will come in the next.

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