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What It’s Like to Be in the Hot Seat at Code (Video)

Fear the Ray-Bans.

Over the years, the titans of tech have been grilled in the signature red chairs by Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and other Re/coders — first at the D conferences and now at Code.

But what’s it like to be interrogated by the likes of Peter Kafka? To stare into the dark abyss of Kara Swisher’s Ray-Bans? To give you an idea, GoPro shot an interactive video of what it feels like to be in the hot seat using its new virtual reality system. As you’ll see, it can be a little … intense.

To view the VR video in full 3-D on your smartphone, download the free Kolor app and tap the cellphone icon at the bottom:

To view the YouTube 360 video below in full 3-D, please check it out on a Chrome browser:

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