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The Impact of the On-Demand Economy, as Told Through Mary Meeker Slides

The on-demand economy offers the flexibility millennials want, but getting them the benefits they need is another story.

Asa Mathat for Re/code

In the new on-demand economy you can get whatever you want whenever you want it, except, perhaps, a full-time job with health care coverage.

You can get groceries from Instacart, lunch from Munchery and other goods from Instacart, but society has yet to catch up to how quickly labor and the workplace is being transformed.

20150527 Mary meeker On demand 1

The good news is that the next generation of workers isn’t expecting the kind of stability that earlier generations have taken as the norm. They see the neighborhood coffee shop as their office, have no expectation of standard work hours and are far more willing to take on freelance tasks, according to several studies cited by Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker in her annual state of the Internet economy talk at Code Conference.

A fifth of millennials are self-described “night owls” and a third imagine a work life of largely flexible hours.

“Jobs and work have evolved,” Meeker said. “The job market has been more difficult and work has been harder to find for many.”

20150527 Mary Meeker Millenials workforce

There’s also a significant gap between how millennial workers view themselves and how their bosses see the youngest generation of the workforce (which incidentally is now the largest segment of workers).


As for which segments of the economy are being changed most rapidly, Meeker advises to follow the money.

On average, Americans spend $17,000, or a third of their income, on housing, with 18 percent ($9,000) spent on transportation and 14 percent ($7,000) spent on food.

In addition, Meeker noted that these are also categories where the incumbents aren’t widely liked by consumers.

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