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Snapchat's Evan Spiegel Talks About Those Emails and Diversity (Video)

He's sorry.

Asa Mathat for Re/code
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Snapchat is famous for its see-it-and-forget-it messages. But questions about its leader’s past still linger.

That subject came up several times during Evan Spiegel’s Code Conference interview Tuesday, when the Snapchat CEO was asked about the way the things he said and did when he was younger — he’s 24 now — have shaped his company, or at least the perception of his company.

Here’s what Spiegel had to say when asked about Snapchat’s interest in promoting a more diverse workplace, how he feels about those emails he sent out during his Stanford frat days, and why he thinks he’ll be a better person tomorrow than he is today.

(The person posing the question about the emails is Amanda Bennett, the former editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and wife of Don Graham, who used to own the Washington Post.)

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