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Re/code on TV: Code Conference Preview and Apple, Apple, Apple

Re/code staffers went on TV last week to talk about Apple and more.

In case you hadn’t heard, our second Code Conference starts on Tuesday. A list of speakers is here. Re/code co-founder Kara Swisher visited our friends* at CNBC last week to give a quick conference preview, including her upcoming onstage interview with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Kara also talked about Apple’s TV plans, as well as Chris Sacca’s blog post to Twitter that suggests he’s not thrilled about how some things are going there.

Lots to talk about with Apple this week, and Dawn Chmielewski went on the tube to discuss a story she wrote earlier this week with Peter Kafka about why Apple would really like to get live programming from local TV stations for its Apple TV service.

Those Apple TV plans are likely of interest to activist investor Carl Icahn, who shot an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook last week that mentioned the dreaded words “dramatically undervalued.” Re/code managing editor Edmund Lee went on CNBC to offer his thoughts on what Icahn’s trying to do.

On a happier Apple note, Re/code co-executive editor Walt Mossberg offered a few tips for how to personalize your new Apple Watch.

Finally, on NPR’s “Here & Now,” Amy Schatz talked about her week-long series about Washington, D.C., as a tech hub for Re/code’s ongoing Innovation Nation series.

* NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Revere Digital, Re/code’s parent company.

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