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Investor Chris Sacca Is Ready to Show Twitter Some Tough Love

Chris Sacca may "bleed aqua," but he's about to make Twitter's CEO sweat bullets.


Big-time Twitter investor Chris Sacca has a few suggestions for how the struggling company can turn things around — and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be pulling any punches.

Sacca, who founded Lowercase Capital and owned the largest outside position in Twitter when the company went public in 2013, penned a blog post Thursday that first gushed about his love for the company, and then ended with a warning that he’s about to start making a few suggestions for the team.

“I write all this because I am soon going to post a few things that I personally hope the Twitter team will accomplish,” he wrote, noting how a recent conversation with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, a well-known Twitter critic, changed his mind. “I want to make clear that my feedback comes from a place of loyalty and persistent gratitude. I love Twitter.”

There’s no denying that Twitter management, especially CEO Dick Costolo, is on the hot seat. Twitter’s board has been supportive of the CEO publicly, but this post is a clear sign that Sacca, an influential and usually staunch supporter of the company, is concerned with where Twitter’s headed. He’s often vocal about Twitter, but almost always as its public defender. He even ended the post by saying “I bleed aqua.”

The blog included some lofty growth goals for the company, which has had difficulty growing its user base.

“I believe without reservation that Twitter can soon evolve to be used by over 500 million people a month,” he wrote. “I believe there is no natural ceiling on the revenue Twitter can generate. I also believe that Twitter’s reach can become more pervasive and its impact on the world more meaningful.”

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