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Re/actions: Using Technology to Tell Everyone You're an Antisocial Jerk

"Disrupting the role traditionally played by poor hygiene and bad social skills."

No, dear headline readers, this post is not about noise-canceling headphones.

Or virtual reality headsets.

Or the Apple Watch.

No, this edition of Re/actions is about Wired In, a successfully funded Kickstarter project that needlessly applies technology to something more easily accomplished with a standard aggressively-worded sticky note: Telling your co-workers to eff off.

Although it meant stomaching some brief interactions with them (ugh), I decided to ask what my fellow Re/coders thought of Wired In. Here’s what they said:

Elizabeth Crane

Senior Editor, Copy

No way would I back this. My teens would program it to display a raised middle finger so I would not interrupt their Netflix-watching, Reddit-reading, homework-avoiding screen time.

Ina Fried

Senior Editor, Mobile

I actually like this idea. I just haven’t figured out how to fit “don’t bother me unless you have a Diet Coke” into 16 characters.

Lauren Goode

Managing Editor, Reviews

Yeah, that thing is so dumb! Like why would I ever want you guys not to talk to me during the work day? (Quietly closes Kickstarter payment page)

Amy Keyishian

Associate Editor, Copy

This was obviously developed in California. In New York, nobody has any trouble just saying, “sorry, can’t talk,” like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING WHO CAN TALK TO OTHER NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS IN A FORTHRIGHT MANNER.

god I hate it here.

Kenneth Li


Disrupting the finger hold.

John Murrell

Deputy Managing Editor, News

Actually, this is disrupting the role traditionally played by poor hygiene and bad social skills.

Kurt Wagner

Associate Editor, Social Media

I’d prefer this, as it also works outside the office.

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