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Re/code on the Air: Nepal Earthquake, Social Stocks and 'Silicon Valley'

A roundup of our TV and radio (and HBO) appearances this week.

The Re/code team likes to write, but we also talk, and sometimes we do that with cameras and microphones nearby. Here’s a sampling of where we were on TV and the radio this week:

First, of course, was an unusual one: On Sunday, the Code Conference had a cameo on “Silicon Valley,” featuring Re/code co-executive editors Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. You can read their thoughts about appearing on the HBO sitcom here.

On Tuesday, Kurt Wagner joined WBUR’s Here & Now to talk about the devastating Nepal Earthquake and what tech companies — including Google, Apple and Microsoft — were doing in response:

And on Friday, Kara Swisher called in to CNBC’s Squawk Alley to discuss the state of social networks after Twitter and LinkedIn reported disappointing earnings and their shares nosedived:

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