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One tweet that shows the insane rates Hillary Clinton got paid for speeches

Byron York, chief political correspondent at the conservative Washington Examiner, notes that Hillary Clinton earned enough in a single day of speeches to put her income in the top one percent for the entire year:

New disclosure documents released by the Clintons show that the couple made about $25 million delivering 104 speeches since January 2014. Hillary Clinton delivered 51 of those speeches for an $11.7 million haul.

A Washington Post analysis by Matea Gold found that the technology sector was Hillary Clinton's largest source of speaking fees, accounting for about $3.2 million of her payments, followed by the health care and financial services industries. The Post also notes that Clinton frequently commanded much higher rates than her husband:

The Biotechnology Industry Organization paid Bill Clinton $175,000 in 2010. Four years later, the group paid $335,000 — nearly twice as much — to hear from Hillary Clinton. Likewise, the Advanced Medical Technology Association paid Bill Clinton $160,000 to speak in 2009 and paid Hillary Clinton $265,000 to speak in 2014.

But as my colleague Jon Allen wrote, the must unsettling of Hillary Clinton's speaking fees was probably the $225,000 she was paid by the New York glass company Corning Inc., which lobbied Clinton's State Department on a number of matters, and also donated to the Clinton Foundation.