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Wi-Fi Startup Eero Says Its Smart Routers Are Delayed Until Late Summer

The company also said it will stop taking preorders on Friday, with sales resuming once the units begin shipping.

Ina Fried

Eero, which aims to offer a smarter take on the home wireless router, said Tuesday that manufacturing the devices is taking longer than it had expected.

“Due to the large volume of preorders we received, production is going to take a bit longer than originally anticipated,” the company said in a note to those who pre-ordered the device. “We’re currently targeting the end of summer. While we don’t yet have an exact ship date, we’ll share one as soon as we can accurately do so.”

Eero’s product is a $199 router that can work singly or in conjunction with others to deliver Wi-Fi throughout the home while being controlled via a smartphone app that can help configure the device and provide guest access.

The product was instantly popular, generating more than $1 million in orders in less than a week. But, like other young hardware companies, Eero has found out that making products is often trickier than generating interest.

“Our top priority is shipping a fully featured product that delivers hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home,” the company said. “Your Eero system will have the degree of polish you’ve come to expect from the best consumer products.”

Eero said it would stop taking preorders this Friday and resume Web orders once it begins shipping products.

The company said it would email customers about a month prior to shipping to get their current address.

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