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President Obama Finally Claims His Own Twitter Account

Don't read the mentions, Mr. President!


The President is on Twitter — for real this time.

At least that seems to be the case according to a new Twitter account, @POTUS, run by President Barack Obama.

The account is verified, which means Twitter has checked to ensure it isn’t a faux account (and there are many of those out in the Twittersphere). According to Obama’s first tweet (and a press release from the White House), he’ll actually be the one tweeting from the account; the current Obama account, @BarackObama, is primarily run by members of his staff. Tweets from that account that were actually sent from Obama were signed with his initials.

The new @POTUS account added more than 280,000 followers in its first hour.

There are still many unanswered questions, of course. Will someone proofread his tweets? (I bet yes.) Will he tweet out selfies? (I wouldn’t be surprised.) Will he read his mentions? (Good God, I hope not.)

Welcome to Twitter, Mr. President.

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