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Mitt Romney actually boxed Evander Holyfield. He lost miserably.

Mitt Romney could've had class. He could've been a contender. He could've been somebody.

His appearance inside a Salt Lake City boxing ring with Evander Holyfield on Friday night was for a great cause: global blindness prevention.

The night was weirder than we could have imagined

The event bewildered many, as photos and Vines slowly trickled out on social media from the night.

First, there was Romney: who could have guessed that he would evolve into a friendly baseball park hot dog just three years after losing a presidential bid?

He could've been a contender. (Getty Images)

The only thing more surprising than seeing a 60-something multimillionaire shirtless (who isn't Vladimir Putin)...

Oh. (Getty Images) whatever personal life decisions led to Ann Romney dressing like this:

Politicians love gimmicks and absurd stunts, but Romney isn't running for any office. He could fundraise in the privacy of his own car elevator. Instead, he chose to box.

Sadly, it wasn't his night

He lost the fight. Holyfield got the title shot, and what did Romney get? A couple of shots at Holyfield and a one-way ticket to Palookaville. We shoulda looked out for him instead of making him take them dives for the short-end money.

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