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Fueled by vampires and superheroes, The CW isn't changing much on its fall schedule

DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
The CW

The CW is coming off one of the most successful seasons in its short history. Perhaps that's why the network's fall 2015 schedule is almost exactly the same as its spring 2015 schedule — the only real changes to speak of are the addition of a single new series and a couple of time-slot shifts.

While the network appears to have justifiably decided on the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach for fall, it does plan to debut slightly more new programming in the spring. On tap for midseason is the returning sci-fi series The 100, as well as two new dramas.

The first new drama, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, is a combined spinoff of The CW's two current DC Comics shows, Arrow and The Flash; it centers on a "time-traveling rogue" named Rip Hunter who's tasked with uniting a disparate group of heroes and villains (including Captain Cold, Heat Wave, the Atom, Firestorm, and more) to confront a mysterious but unstoppable threat. Watch a trailer below:

The second, Containment, chronicles the outbreak of a deadly epidemic in Atlanta, leading to a strict quarantine and forcing those stuck in the city to fight for their lives while local and federal officials desperately search for a cure. And just for good (melodramatic) measure, there might be a government conspiracy in play, too. Watch a trailer below:

Read on to find out what's airing when.


8 to 9 pm – The CW's logline for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend makes no mention of mental illness or a breakup, despite the show's title. Instead, the network describes the new comedy as "the story of an unhappy lawyer who quits her job and moves across the country in search of love, with her inner monologue providing irreverent musical interludes." What it doesn't say is that she basically moves across the country to follow a guy she used to date, even though she won't admit as much. Anyway, will the promised musical interludes be as delightful as the voiceover narration on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Monday-night neighbor Jane the Virgin? Watch a trailer below and judge for yourself:

9 to 10 pm Jane the Virgin


8 to 9 pmThe Flash

9 to 10 pmiZombie


8 to 9 pmArrow

9 to 10 pmSupernatural


8 to 9 pm The Vampire Diaries

9 to 10 pmThe Originals


8 to 9 pmReign

9 to 10 pmAmerica's Next Top Model