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Watch: This exclusive trailer for the Mad Men finale will make you tear up

Are you a Mad Men fan? Do you want to feel sad?

AMC has given us an exclusive look at the last Mad Men teaser ever. This is a series that has always produced haunting, stylish promos, both in still photograph and trailer form. So it's noteworthy that AMC has chosen to go with something a little more heartwarming in the buildup to the series finale — and all those shots of Betty (January Jones) carry an added resonance in the wake of the penultimate episode.

Still, this video is mostly a reminder of how quickly things change. One day Sally Draper is a tiny child, and the next day she's a young woman. One day Peggy Olson is a fresh-faced secretary, and the next day she's all super important and stuff. Don Draper is always handsome, but his handsomeness mellows with age, no?

Anyway, watch and watch again. You won't remotely spoil yourself for the finale, but the promo might leave you feeling like you never want Mad Men to end.

The series finale airs Sunday, May 17, at 10 pm Eastern on AMC.

Update: Added air date and time.

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