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Twitter Paid Over $86 Million for Periscope and Niche

Twitter reported the numbers (kind of) in its 10Q filing Monday.


Twitter spent more than $86 million to acquire livestreaming app Periscope and social media talent agency Niche earlier this year.

The new numbers were included — although not clearly — in Twitter’s quarterly earnings report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. As a public company, Twitter is required to report the acquisition price of any material purchases in this document, but it lumped two acquisitions together, listing a total price for both without identifying either one.

Twitter bought Periscope in January and Niche a month later for a “total purchase price of $86.6 million,” including roughly $29 million in cash. Re/code reported in February that the Niche deal was approximately $30 million, though that transaction included earn-out payments.

The Periscope purchase also included earn-outs, or stock options offered to Periscope employees that vest over the next four years. Both acquisitions include $38 million in earn-outs but, again, it’s unclear what portion of those options were part of the Periscope deal versus the Niche deal.

At the time of the purchase, numerous publications reported the Periscope deal to be around $100 million, which likely included all potential earn-outs and employee agreements.

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