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Spark Capital Expands SF Presence, Adding Former Twitter Exec Kevin Thau as GP

Every time a fund is raised, a VC gets his wings.

Spark Capital said it hired well-known entrepreneur Kevin Thau as a general partner in its San Francisco office.

The former Twitter business development head — he was one of its earliest employees, leaving in 2013 — was most recently COO at Jelly, the question-and-answer platform founded by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone that never really caught on.

Spark has invested in a wide range of consumer-focused startups, including Oculus, Tumblr, Twitter and Warby Parker.

“We have invested in Silicon Valley companies for a long time, but we are thrilled to add to the team based there,” said the venture firm’s co-founder Bijan Sabet, who said that it was important to show more presence in its California office in the South of Market part of San Francisco. “Kevin has great relationships with entrepreneurs across the tech landscape.”

Thau said that he was not going to focus on any one area, although his background is in the consumer arena. Pointing to a number of startups that have gotten a lot of traction in recent years, even though valuations have risen precipitously, he noted: “It’s still a very good time to be founding a company, given all the shifts in consumer behavior and the opportunities to take advantage of these disruptions.”

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