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For Mother's Day, watch some grandmas smoke marijuana

It's not every day you see a grandma ripping a bong.

The video above, from Cut Video, shows three grandmothers smoking marijuana for the first time in Washington state, where recreational pot is legal, and enjoying some conversation, card games, and snacks.

"I'm feeling like I really don't care," one of the three grandmothers explained, as the other women laughed.

It's relatively uncommon for people to try or use drugs for the first time at an older age. analyzed federal household surveys dating back to the 1970s, tracking the age and rate of recreational drug users across several generations. It found that throughout different generations, almost all drug use tends to peak around a person's early 20s and fall off after that:

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Seeing some grandmas try marijuana, then, is a truly rare sight. So make sure to watch the whole video above.

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