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Five Interesting Facts From Stack Overflow's Mammoth Developer Survey

A snapshot of 26,000 respondents from 157 countries.

phildate via iStock

For all of Silicon Valley’s obsessiveness with data, we don’t know a whole lot about the developers who are behind the scenes churning out the products.

Fortunately, Stack Exchange, the company behind the programmer community site Stack Overflow, released its annual developer survey Tuesday. With more than 26,000 respondents from 157 countries, this survey is a rare, comprehensive look at people critical to keeping the tech industry ticking.

You should read the report in full, but here are five of the most interesting data points we found in the results:

About 62 percent of all developers are under 30


Why Silicon Valley loves H-1B visas in one GIF

StackOverflow via Colin Bayer

Note: Eastern European developers make a fraction of what their American counterparts do. Fighting for more tech worker visas isn’t just about getting better talent, it’s about cheaper talent.

Developers make more money by working remotely …


… but most developers still work full-time in an office


And, yes, the gender ratio is as bad as you think it is


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