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Re/actions: Smartphones and Hunting, Together at Last!

"So this will let me a take a picture of Bambi's mom the split second before I shoot her? Sweet!"

Finally, a smartphone photography accessory more dangerous than the selfie stick.

For the mobile phone owner not satisfied by the make-believe of Deer Hunter 2014, here comes the Smartphone Scope, a Kickstarter project aiming to make your Instagram feed cuter and/or bloodier (your choice!). It’s a mount that clips on to a hunter’s spotting scope or the scope of a rifle, bow or crossbow, and magnetically holds your phone in place to help you get that killer shot.

As we’ve done previously with Sony’s Dorkglasses and this fecal-minded video game, I encouraged Re/code staffers to fire some gut reactions to the Smartphone Scope my way. Here are their potshots:

Ina Fried

Senior Editor, Mobile

Not that Americans need any encouragement to make use of their Second Amendment rights, but I really don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. I guess I am not the target market.

On a related note, I am extremely pro-First Amendment, but anti-selfie stick.

Amy Keyishian

Associate Editor, Copy

I can’t wait for the “Law & Order: SVU” about this. Elliot Stabler will be like:

Kenneth Li


Creeping. Now way easier with your iPhone.

John Murrell

Deputy Managing Editor, News

Now you can capture stunning photos of Nature’s beautiful creatures in their last minutes on Earth.

Amy Schatz

Senior Editor, Tech Policy

So this will let me a take a picture of Bambi’s mom the split second before I shoot her? Sweet!

Kara Swisher

Co-Executive Editor

It aims at the heart of how to do better videos and photos. No, really.

Kurt Wagner

Associate Editor, Social Media

Looking forward to seeing the Meerkats that will be shot with this bad boy. The videos, not the animals.

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