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From Apple II to Apple Watch: A Timeline of Apple’s Most Iconic Product Launches

There have been several -- some misses, mostly hits -- in the company's 39 years in business.


Eight months after it was revealed to the public, the Apple Watch will finally go on sale April 24. It’s the first new product category launch for Apple since the iPad debuted in 2010, and the first entirely new product to be shepherded by CEO Tim Cook.

Smartwatches themselves aren’t new. Samsung, Motorola, Sony and Pebble all have models on the market, but they have yet to take off with consumers.

Cook has said that the Apple Watch will be the first smartwatch “that matters,” and many eyes will be on the company to see whether that’s true. But Apple has been in this position many times before.

Over the past 39 years, the company has launched numerous products — from the Macintosh to the Newton MessagePad to the iPhone — that have helped shape the tech industry and how we live our lives. Here’s a look back at some of Apple’s most iconic product launches — hits and misses.

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