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How Other Smartwatches Stack Up to Apple Watch

A quick guide to help you choose among the many smartwatches available.

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Smartwatches are quickly evolving from geeky, ugly devices into user-friendly, stylish wrist computers. Some of the most notable differentiating factors among these watches are battery life and compatibility with more than one operating system.

The Apple Watch has a relatively short battery life estimate and it only works with iOS, but neither of these features is likely to prevent it from gaining traction.

Since smartwatches are worn on our wrists at all times, the notifications they send can be intrusive or overwhelming, so be sure to take note of how each company allows people to adjust these notifications for better integration into their everyday lives.

History shows that when Apple jumps into a category, it spurs competitors to step up their games, so we will look to see if existing watches improve and if new companies jump into the mix.

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