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Commemorate Rand Paul’s Campaign Kickoff With $15 Socks

Running for president ain’t cheap, okay?

After spending months unofficially campaigning for the job, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul officially kicked off his presidential run Tuesday afternoon.

To celebrate the event, his digital team launched a new campaign website, which includes a fun little online store. Most presidential campaigns sell t-shirts, yard signs, bumper stickers and other commemorative stuff at rallies and online. The Paul campaign has all that, as well as beer Koozies, coffee mugs and car door magnets.

But Team Paul is also offering a few more creative options, such as a giant birthday card and car floor mats. Among some other interesting things for sale:

NSA Spy Cam Blocker

For just $15 you could buy an official Rand Paul NSA spy cam blocker to cover up the camera on your laptop.


Of course, if you don’t want to splash out on that, you could always just use a short piece of duct tape. Here’s a patriotic alternative for about $6 at Amazon.

Beats Headphones Skins

Check it, you can now proudly show your support for Sen. Paul on your Beats headphones while listening to “Hail to the Chief” or one of #DJRandPaul’s favorite hits. You get three skins for $20.


White Socks

Feeling a little self-conscious about your support of the libertarian candidate? Or do you just work someplace with mostly left-leaning colleagues?


Team Paul has you covered with some white tube stocks that allow you to discreetly support your favorite eye doctor.

Rand on a Stick

In the “don’t they give these away for free?” category, we have Rand on a Stick, a set of 12 plastic paddles of Sen. Paul’s smiling face. Team Paul says these $35 “freedom paddles” are perfect for “rallies, parades, meetings, operas, [and] church services that lack air conditioning.”


You could use it as a bug swatter, too, but the campaign probably doesn’t want to encourage people to get fly guts on the senator’s face.

Eye Chart

Sen. Paul is pretty well known for being an eye doctor so this product, a Rand Paul Eye Chart, is among the more clever products for sale.


“We need a president who can see clearly, so why not start with one that knows vision and sight better than any other candidate,” the campaign says in the store.

It sells for $20.16.

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