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A guide to all 456 deaths (including a pigeon) on Game of Thrones

This guy is a jerk. Remember when he died?
This guy is a jerk. Remember when he died?
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HBO's Game of Thrones is a story of grand design. There are what seems to be a million moving parts, dozens of characters, a bevy of different families, and at least 37 different subplots going on at a time. Keeping up can be daunting but is ultimately enriching for those loyal fans who can follow along.

That's what makes the Washington Post's illustrated guide to the 456 GoT deaths so very good. The Post catalogued each death, the episode in which it happened, the killer, the deceased's allegiance, and the method for all of the characters, including a pigeon:

(The Washington Post)

(The Washington Post)

The Post's work is an impressive feat that makes you appreciate the work and research that went into watching each episode, and the time it took to compile all this data. It's a good refresher to read before this Sunday's season premiere. Though for the sake of all the people involved in this extensive project, we hope they'll get to watch at least a few episodes, take a breath, and relax before the bloodbath begins.

Head on over to the Washington Post for a full look at their database of death.

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